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Producing a Word .doc file

dr magic fingers

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Okay, this may be a very stupid question, but is there a way to create a word .doc via FMP? I am looking to create the text(and ultimately the document) with scripts, and would like to e-mail the formatted word doc to the target (instead of a simple ascii e-mail).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



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Actually it's not so complicated to do this:


Export the Filemaker Data as .mer file (use a fixed filename and a fixed filepath)


Make a Word Mergedocument (the template) and set up the connection to the datafile; this is the .mer exportfile you just created.


Now you can select all the fieldnames of the data you just exported as merge fields from within Word and set up your mailing letter, invoice etc etc.


Save the Word template document.


As soon as you hit "Merge" in Word the Filemaker data from the .mer file will be merged with the template text.


In Word you can choose various forms of merge; to printer, to new document and even to electronic mail or fax.


If you have some knowledge of Word Macro's you can even automate the whole process. You can then click a button in Filemaker and the wordmerge is automatically executed, with a finished document as result.

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