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I am using FMP Developer 7 on Windows XP.

I am trying to define a calculation field called “Best Time” to mark down or display the best time result from swimming meets

For example


Stroke Description Time Date Best Time

50 yards Freestyle 20:12 1/1/05 Yes

50 yards Freestyle 22:12 2/1/05 No


25 yards backstroke 30:45 1/1/05 No

25 yards backstroke 27:45 2/1/05 Yes


Yes means best time.


Stroke Description, Time, and Date are entry data

Best Time is calculation field I want to define.


Any advice?



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Depending on how you have the layout set up, with repeating fields or separate records, you have some options.


I'd think the best way would be separate records, viewed in list format, sortable by any of the included fields. Then you'd have a summary field defined as the minimum value of field Time for a subset of all records, such as those which match Description fields. That can be done by defining a self-relationship based on the Description field. You'd set up a matching relationship and summary field for each event so that the summary field only looks at the records for that event.


The Best Time field would be a calc:

if (Time = TimeSummary;"Yes";"No")

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Thank you for your reply.

Yes we could set up self relationship, but instead of using summary field as you mentioned I use the dropdown list based on Stroke ID, and the dropdown list is always shows the smallest number in the top of the list. All we need is to use one of the GetFunction script to capture the top item from the value list. I am not sure what is GetFunction script that I am going to use but it should be a matter of searching it.

What do you think?


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