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Is there a way to copy multiple fields...?


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I want to copy 4 fields over to another layout as part of a script. However, I want to put the fields into similar fields (not as a combined field which the copy record function does).

When doing this I need to create a new record each time. Then, have these four fields fill in four fields I have set up.


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Set the value of each field into a global, go to your secondary layout, create a new record, then set each field with the value from the appropriate global.

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Would a relationship and a script be better?

Define new fields in layout to do a lookup to the

table you wish to copy from


Copy [This_ID]

Go To Layout {NewLayout]

New Reord Request

Paste select [That_ID

Commit Record


Upon entering This_ID into That_ID the fields will auto entry

data from OldLayout


Just a thought.

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f1[text], f2[text], f3[text], f4[text], temp[global text calc]



-> Set Field [ temp; f1&"[paragraph]"&f2&"[paragraph]"&f3&"[paragraph]"&f4]

-> New Record

-> Set Field [ f1; Substitute(LeftValues(temp;1);"[paragraph]";"")]

-> Set Field [ f2; Substitute(MiddleValues(temp;2;1);"[paragraph]";"")]

-> Set Field [ f3; Substitute(LeftValues(temp;3;1);"[paragraph]";"")]

-> Set Field [ f4; Substitute(RightValues(temp;1);"[paragraph]";"")]

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