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FileMaker Mobile 7 Crashes Treo 650


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Every time I create a new record, enter some data and click any button to go to List View, Next Record or even hit Up on the 5-Way Navigator my Treo 650 resets. I don't run any hacks and have tried disabling Jot and ClipPRO without any positive results. Anyone else having instability issues on their Palm devices?

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FileMaker has posted new info regarding System Requirements for FileMaker Mobile 7:

Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 Customers:

FileMaker Mobile 7 is currently not compatible with the Palm Tungsten T5, Treo 650, or other handheld computers that include Palm OS version 5.4. Please check back for more information.

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That's interesting, placedoddly.


Thanks for the update. We use one of the Tungsten series (the 'Tungsten E') as one of our test machines for mobile databases here, but I was not previously aware that there was a problem with the T5 or the Trio650. Let's hope a future rev will fix it... ?!

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I was just about to purchase a Treo 600 or Treo 650, when I saw this post... and realized I'd better make sure I could use FM Mobile. According to the FMP Knowledge Base, the problem you were encountering has JUST NOW been fixed. Here's what the knowledge base entry had to say:


"FileMaker Mobile 7 was incompatible with handheld computers using Palm OS 5.4. This includes the PalmOne Tungsten T5 handheld and the Treo 650 SmartPhone.



On June 14, 2005, FileMaker, Inc. has released FileMaker Mobile 7.0v1 to address the following issues:


1. The need to reset the device when modifying field values after receiving the “Record is busy” alert.

2. The 5-way navigator used to scroll and select items in the database list or records in the list view function properly.*


In order to determine if you need the update, check the About Box on either the handheld or desktop application. The version number of the update is To obtain a copy of the updater, click here.


*Continued Known Palm OS 5.4 Compatibility Issues:

1. The 5-way navigator on the handheld does not currently work with the record view.

2. Find, Go To Record, Note, License Key, Field Options, Specify Login, and Delete Record dialogs have an inappropriate initial focus ring for dialog box buttons. Use the 5-way navigator to set the appropriate focus."


Hope this helps. Before I invest in a smart phone, is there any advice out there? Perhaps Palm Treo isn't the way to go? Please chime in if you have an opinion!! Thx.

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I use Filemaker Mobile on my 650 a lot!!! My only complaint about it (and the only trouble I have had) is with the 5 way controller, not being fully compatible when in the Record layout. It slows things down abit as you need to change from stylus to keypad, but apart from that, it saves me huge amounts of time a day.

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