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Easy script for sending an email to my database?


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Hello. I'm a NEWBIE to Filemaker and it looks to be pretty darn hard to use the email function. All I want to do is send out an email to everyone in my database. How do I do that? Thank you.


Ryan Gray


Vendesi Group - Medical Sales Consulting


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You can generate individual emails using a script, but you'll have to confirm sending each mail in the email program.



#create a found set#

go to record[first]


send mail [#add your settings]

go to record[next, exit after last]

end loop


in fm7, this will lead to as many open mail windows in your mailing program as you had in the found set. If you want to send out a few mails at a time, this is no problem I guess.

I think you can automate the whole show using a plugin, there are several on the market. you have to use your search engine for this. at www.filemaker.com/plugins I only located mail.it by http://www.dacons.net/

Don't know if that will do what you want.




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Thank you. All I want to do is give one command to send out an email to the entire database. It would be nice if it were easier to do.


I can see where your method would work for a few hundred emails, but would take forever to send out a few thousand.

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A very nice plugin that I use for all my e-mailing in FMP is SMTPit...you can google for their website. It automatically sends, you don't have to mess with your local e-mail program (ie to confirm sending), attaches documents, etc...

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If you are on the windows platform then take a look at the example from the following URL:



It uses VB script to send an e-mail to MS Outlook. The complete VB script is setup within Filemaker so it can be dynamic. All message variables can be used including attachment(s).

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