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FMP and Palm T3


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Does anyone know a good application to use on the Palm to synch large FMP dbases from a Mac? FMP Mobile limits me to 5,000 records per dbase (no one at FileMaker can tell me WHY) and that's not enough for me. SmartList To Go by DataViz has a great Palm app, but no desktop version for the Mac. Any suggestions?

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I think it's a bit odd or abitrary for them to limit the number of records. Heck, with 1 GB SD cards common these days you'd think that storage space would be the primary limitation. I've been using HanDBase Professional for years, cheaper, relational on the Palm Device and provides way more features than FileMaker Mobile. There is a desktop version and I think a decent Palm Conduit of sorts as well. Perhaps HanDBase can meet your needs.


I'm going to give Mobile 7 a shot but it's not getting along with my Treo 650. It resets my Treo every time I attempt to add a Record.


Is there even an "Email Us At FileMaker Support" area on FileMaker's site???

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