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User Proofing

seve7 is a ddba (dumb dba)

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(I posted this in the FMD section as well -- but a lot less people seem to read there.)


Are there any general guidlines or checklists, or things to keep in mind, for userproofing fmp7 files and user interfaces (this is not including fmServer or Web related issues)?


I'm just starting a large, multi-group multi-user project, and I'm looking to streamline everything as much as possible. Just to brainstorm about it, I need to lock the user to the layout interface, protect the variables table, etc ...

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Please don't duplicate your posts. We'll see it wherever it is, just do your best to put in the approriate forum. Then just give it some time.


("seve7 is a dumb dba". What is seve7?)

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