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A form within a form


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I am in the process of creating a form and I need to have multiple forms in one. At the top I need to enter the clients informatin and at the bottom of the form I need to be able to add cost data and then I need to beable to add a discription of the items in a differnt form on the same orginal form.


Thanks for the help. You guys have saved me a number of times

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I've setup two different forms in seperate layouts. All of the fields have been defined. 75% of the fileds in both Layouts are the same but the last 25% of the fields are different. Rather than jumping from one Form to another I would like to have everything in one form. Hopefully this help with a picture of what I have so far. If not let me know and I can go into further detail.


Thanks in adavance Kjoe



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75% of the fileds in both Layouts are the same but the last 25% of the fields are different


[/ QUOTE ]


well this is rather simple.... you can have the same fields in multiple layouts.

But from your first post I gathered that you have or need three separate files, one for clients, one for ordered items and one for invoices. This needs a relational setup, which simply means linking clients to invoices and orders. The best you can do is use the recordID field for this. If you don't have this field, create it by defining a number field that is auto-enter a serial number. You can make a fancy ID if you wish by creating a calc that runs for instance


clientID=calc, text result, indexed ="ID"&right("0000"&serial_field,4)


but this is only for show. the serial itself suffices. place a clientID text field in any file you wish to relate to a specific client and create a relationship based on this, setting the option "allow creation of related records". Draw a portal in the clients file and that way you can create line items for instance for orders placed etc. You can do the same for invoices, ordered line items etcetera.

But how you proceed, depends on what you want to do with the layout/form.

If you're not familiar with relationships, i suggest that you delve into it and see what they can do for you. Then we can proceed from there.




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Thanks for the help. I set up a portal and it runs quite smoothly. I also learned a few new things in the process of setting up a portal and I was able to arrange multiple forms in one master form.


Thanks for the help.... I may have another question regarding omitting records.





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