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multiple files in FMP7

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One of the better changes in FMP7, to my way of thinking at least, is the ability to use many files. It aids in organization, scalability.


But I'm not really familiar with how to use multiple files in FMP7. I've two questions:


1. What are the natural limits with multiple files (in other words, can I always reference layouts, tables, calculations, value lists, scripts, across any file that is referred to in the File Referrence definitions for the current file)?


2. Any shortcuts in moving data from one file to another (those same layouts, tables, calculations, etc, from the first question)?

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It's my understanding that prior to FMP7 you were limited to 1 Table to 1 File. The real change [among many others] in FMP 7 is that now you can have multiple Tables in one file. This one new feature makes it much easier to create Relationships between Tables.


I have not found any limits to the number of Tablesin a File or the number of Fields in a Table unlike the limit on number of Fields in MS Access.



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Thanks for responding! I appreciate any input.


Well, I mean, I have it.


As far as the first question, it's just that as I go about building something or another, I can't access things from other files. I'm not sure if I'm mistakenly trying to access other files the wrong way, or if it is a hard limit.


I'm going to go back and gather up nice examples, I suppose that might help.

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