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[ANN] PCI Releases "The Core" Contact Manager for FileMaker® Pro 7

Productive Computing

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Subject: PCI Releases "The Core" Contact Manager for FileMaker® Pro 7




San Diego, CA - September 21, 2004 - Productive Computing, Inc., a FileMaker Solutions Alliance Partner, today announced the immediate availability of "The Core" Contact Management System. "The Core" is the perfect starting point for any organization which covers all the basic needs of contact management and can be used as a foundation for any FileMaker® Pro 7 based system.


Built from the ground up in FileMaker Pro 7 native format, "The Core" manages all your contacts, individuals, letters, faxes, email, tasks, notes, calendar events and associated documents.


"There are many companies that are poised to rebuild their existing FileMaker Pro 6 or earlier database systems but are wary of the costs and time involved. We feel that "The Core," with its modest retail price of $349.95 for unlimited users at a single site and open source licensing structure, can provide a jump-start in their development."


"Additionally we feel selling "The Core" at this price point can break new market share for FileMaker because it gives independent developers an ability to compete with other generic contact managers such as Act or GoldMine, and at the same time provide the virtually limitless customization that these other products lack. For these potential new customers to FileMaker Pro, it would normally costs thousands in development to get them close to the functionality of what their existing off the shelf contact manager provides. "The Core" has reduced that barrier to hundreds."

- Director of Product Development, Marc Larochelle


With "The Core" you are able to:

- Manage organization or company contacts along with an unlimited number of related individuals.


- Manage an unlimited number of phone, fax and mobile numbers per individual.


- Assign tasks to employees, color coded by priority and attach that task to a contact record.


- Create and link letters, faxes and email correspondence to contact records.


- Generate "mass" marketing via letters, faxes or email.


- Create multiple note entries per contact with auto date and time stamp.


- Create "Yahoo" driving directions from one contact to another.


- Manage individual employee or team calendars and view by month, week or day.


- Create individual or repeated events and link to contact records.


- Assign each event a custom category with its own unique color and text style.


- Complete document management: Attach Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, movie files, picture files or any document and store them directly in the database. There is virtually no limit to the number of documents you can add to the system and the documents are stored in their original format related to a particular organization or individual.


Other plug-ins and solutions available from Productive Computing, Inc.:


* Multi-User Calendar v4 solution:

Built from the ground up as a single file in FileMaker 7 native format, it covers all the basic needs of individual and team scheduling, task management and can be used as a powerful add-on to an existing or new FileMaker 7 based system.


* Outlook Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data within Microsoft Outlook® Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Mail.


* Entourage Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data within Microsoft Entourage® (OSX) Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Mail.


* OSX Address Book Manipulator Plug-in:

Provides a lightning fast two-way data exchange between FileMaker Pro and Apple's OSX Address Book®.


* OSX Mail Manipulator (Coming Soon!)

Provides an efficient way to exchange data between FileMaker® Pro and Apple's OSX Mail®


* File Manipulator Plug-in:

This simple and inexpensive utility plug-in gives FileMaker Pro the power to copy, rename, move or delete files and folders on local or networked drives.


* Calendar Popup Plug-in:

Enter dates, date ranges and times into your fields with a popup interface that includes a year at a glance and a side by side mini calendar for entering date ranges.


* SendFax Plug-in:

The SendFax Plug-in allows you to fax documents directly from your FileMaker® database applications.


* PDF Manipulator Plug-in:

Exchange data between FileMaker Pro and Adobe Acrobat PDF files that have embedded form fields.


* Biometric Plug-in:

Add additional security to your solutions by incorporating fingerprint authentication.


* Multi-User Calendar v3 solution:

Create calendars for your consultants, sales people, technicians, meeting rooms, equipment or anything that requires its own schedule. Option to synchronize with Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Entourage as well as the web are available.


* IT Asset Inventory solution:

Catalog and label your entire organization's IT assets in one central database solution including Hardware, Software, Users and Passwords.


You can download demos of these plug-ins and solutions at: www.productivecomputing.com


Productive Computing, Inc. is one of the Partner Level members of the FileMaker Solutions Alliance, a 2000 member organization of professional FileMaker pro developers. The company specializes in custom database design and FileMaker Pro plug-in development.


Productive Computing, Inc.

Creating Efficiency Through Automation

Phone: (760) 560-0443

Fax: (760) 732-3410



Partner Member - FileMaker Solutions Alliance

FileMaker 7 Certified Developer



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I've looked over the Web site and the screen shots look good. Has anyone actually used this product and have any comments? I work at the Univ. of Nebraska and looking to put something like this in place in our Student Involvement office to track contacts and info for all of our student organizations. It would take more than $350 of time to put this together myself and hoping its as solid as it sounds.


Thanks for any help people can offer.



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