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importing data from another database

Lee Strauss

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hello everybody..


i am trying to figure out how to import data onto an order from from another database but not have the database that was imported from be changed. I already have the relationship set up, and it works fine, but whenever you change something on the new order form it will change on the database that the data was imported from. so, in other words, on the fly i want to be able to grab the info (differnet templates of information), from database 2 and make a copy of it and past it into database 1 but still be able to edit it without it changing on database 2.


any help?

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I have the same question... trying to put together simple 'customers' and 'invoices' databases. I'm new to FM - using version 7.0.


PS I'm learning quickly; this forum has helped enourmously; thanks! :-D

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When you say from "another database", you mean another FM 7 one, correct. I think you set up your layout to have the forms from the exporting database on it. (maybe in a portal, maybe just on the layout). When you change data in these fields, you are actually working on the "exporting" database.


If you have fields set up as "Lookups" instead then you will import the data, but if you change the data, it won't change on the exporting database.



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