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Multiple ocurrences of one table


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My application has three entity sets: PERSON, MEMBER, ATTENDEE. MEMBER and ATTENDEE are each subsets of PERSON. Each entity of PERSON is either an entity of MEMBER, or of ATTENDEE, or of both. Primary keys are PID, MID, and AID.


I created a table PERSON with ocurrences PERSON, MEMBER, and ATTENDEE, and the layouts 'Person view', 'Member view' and 'Attendee view'.


I would like the layout 'Member view' to show only the records that are an entity of MEMBER and the layout 'Attendee view' to show only the records belonging to ATTENDEE.


For instance, when the user makes a Show All Records with layout 'Member view it should show only Members (i.e. records with MID>0), or when the user makes a Find request for Members with name 'Miller' and city 'London' it should select only Members (MID>0) with these Find attribute values. The user should have the impression that he works with three distinct tables, not just occurrences of one.


Who's got a solution?

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