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background graphic in list view


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I am customizing the inventory template in FM7. I have had success inserting my own graphics and re-designing the individual record part, but when I try to add a background graphic to the 'show all records' or list part of the template, I send it to the back, the graphic appears but only one record shows up and the menu command for 'Show all records' is dimmed. Is this due to the list, being scrollable and the graphic being a precise size?

I understand how to change the body background color, but I'd rather use this graphic...any one understand? Thanks

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i was not able to fully reproduce your issue, but it seems placement of the graphic is at stake. It should either be in the header part fully or in the main layout part fully. In the latter case, when in list view, the graphic is repeated in each line item. In the former case, you'll only see it in the header. when it overlaps the part boundary, it will show in the header and the first record in the list.

Not sure what you're trying to achieve... I don't think you can neatly stretch an image to cover multiple line items.




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