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Is there a tracking template that automatically imputs a series of tasks on a monthly basis for (3-12 month), after a contact has been entered, with reminders? Many of the contact/project management programs seem to be able to handle what has already been done, but not systematically lay out what has to be done.


For example, someone calls inquiring about a product, and I get an address. I mail a brochure. I want to follow-up once a month for three months (or phone calls). Lets say there are three possible options for the customer to do: no answer, call and asks to send more info, and to buy. Once the customer buys my product, I wish to follow-up once a month for one year with newsletters, promotions, etc. This process can go on and on, with multiple different pathways for which action the customer makes.


I looked at many contact/project management programs, and it seems it's not what I need. Does Business Tracker have this ability, or does anyone have any suggestions on where I can get a template, or can I customize this into Filemaker?



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