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Import IPTC MetaData


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Hi all,

After making a search for this topic, I found no references, so here goes.

I want to import the IPTC MetaData from Photoshop image files into my FM database. Troi plug-in will do this already, but only individual files - not hundreds.

I wrote a simple loop script to cycle through the process, but what I want is to completely automate the process by directing FM to a specific folder and have it process the files sequentially. I also set the path to folder, but got an error message: "No files of the specified file type were found in the specified folder." They were there.

Thanks. I am learning, and I hope to be able to give back here some day.

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This could be a file extension issue.

In mac OSX, the file extensions can be hidden, nevertheless I think they must be included when specifying filenames in scripts. Look in the info window or get Xray for OSX, $10 worth of nifty shareware, to mess around with extensions, creator codes and r/w permissions.


Can't say if extensions can be hidden in Windows. In Mac OS9, using extensions didn't matter a pair of dingo's kidneys. except when you wanted to work cross platform of course. laugh.gif




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Thanks for your reply. Could be the problem. I will google for XRay for OSX. In the mean time I have been writing ScriptMaker script to import these items based on the plug-ins at http://troi.com/ and could use some help. Is anyone familiar with these plug-ins, and can help me out here? I have posed a picture of the script here http://lattitudes.net/picture.html.



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