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Adding criteria to a relationship

Dale Johnson

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OK, I've got two table occurances of the same table:

BehA and EasyDiscipline y.


I've related the field BehA (which may or may not have a 'y' in it)in BehA to a global field called gy in EasyDiscipline y which contains a 'y'.


I have a calc called CountBehA =

Count ( EasyDiscipline y::BehA )


This gives me all occurances of BehA in the dbase.

I want to get a count of BehA for each year.


When I add a second line to the relationship so it looks like this:


BehA = y

AND SchoolYear = gYear


the total count remains the same as it is with only the first line; it is not reduced as expected.


Any ideas why?


Much appreciated - dale

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I can't quite figure out your goofy field names, but it should work if the globals are on the parent side of the relationship and the field types match up. Make sure the Count calc is based on the parent table occurrence, counting records in the child table occurrence.

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