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Changing A Field Value in Multiple Files

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I work for a membership club that tracks its membership in FMP7. We have a field called "Department" as we are a club at a university. My problem is that in this field I have, for example, "English" "English Department" "Department of English" and so on. I want these all to read "Department of English." It is easy enough to locate all of these by simply doing a search for English, but I want printouts of members and so forth to be uniform so that the board of directors can see membership by department. Is there any way that I can change what the "Department" field reads for all of these at once? Can I write a script to do this? Can I select multiple files at once and rename them? I'm thinking that it should be as easy as renaming songs in iTunes, but FileMaker seems to be a bit more demanding of me than that. Any help would be appreciated by this FileMaker newb.




Andrew B.

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Welcome Andrew! Enjoying the deep freeze?


Try Records->Replace Field Contents. When playing around with this, be sure to backup your database as there is no undo.


Although the Replace command can be scripted, in multi-user environments it is more reliable to use a loop with a Set Field to do this sort of occasional replace. With the loop, you can error trap to see if the record was locked (and therefore not replaced.)

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