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Relationship maze in FM 7

Dale Johnson

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I'm rebuilding a dbase from scratch in 7.

I have a dozen or so checkbox fields on the data entry layout containing a 'y' when checked.


I want to count the y's on another layout using a calculation via a self-join relationship.


I have a global text field containing the 'y' and created a table occurance group with one table occurance for 'y' and another for, say, Field A.


When I try a calc like:


Count (FieldA::FieldA)


I get a message, "This field comes from an unrelated table. Only global fields can be refrenced in unrelated tables."


All the fields and layouts being used are in the same table??


I also want to break out count numbers for each year and month but if I can just get my head around this first step I'll probably be OK.


Any help or point to a reference article will be much appreciated. I've been at this for days to no avail and temporarily (I hope) hate FM 7 confused.gif



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