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Set Field problems

Andre-Christian Seguin

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My problem is copying a field to another.


I am creating a database with 2 tables (Employees, Email)


An employee can have multiple email. When i want to create an email, i want to select the employee. So when i pickup the name, i want the EmployeeID from the Employee table to EmployeeID of the EMail table.


I tried Set Field from one to another but no value is picked-up. I tried to use Business Tracker example from FileMaker.com. I got lost with the procedure of Preferences it uses.


Help will be appreciated.

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wouldn't it be easier to create an email starting from an employee TO (Table Occurence)?


Copy the IDEmployee to a global field gIDEmployee in the same table.


Create a konstant relationship (the X simbol instead of the =, creates a relationship with all records to all records, no matter what the key fields have as values).


Change the Email::IDEmployee field to have Auto-Entered value being the value of the just created global field through the konstant relationship.


hope this helps

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Thanks MrEase, global field was my error, didn't have one. As soon as I changed it to global value, it worked.



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