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ok..table relationships...

Lee Strauss

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ok guys, i've read up on relationships and all of that, and I understand it completely now. However, what I'm trying to do isn't working.


I have two tables in one database. One is an order form we use for clients and the other table is a client information page (which includes contact person, company name, address etc etc).


On the order form, we want to be able to just choose the company name (which we have on a pull down menu), and have the rest of the information (address, etc.) retreived from the client information table. I've tried to make direct links from all of the necessary fields in "order form data" to "client data" but nothing happens. I need it to have the client name be the priority, and then once that is chosen on the order form table, it will retrieve the rest of the information.


phew, ok hopefully that makes sense. i'm heading on break right now, if anybody can throw some info/tips my way, that would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks a whole bunch..



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Hi Lee, do you want the company details to be static or dynamic? The difference is that static details are copied the moment you create the form, if you ever change the company details they won't change in the form (usually used for billing details).


With dynamic details you can just include the fields of the related table in your presentation.


With static details you have to go the lookup way, either when creating the new record (auto-enter lookup value) or afterwards copying the details.

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thanks for the help.


They details need to be dynamic..(changing on the go)..so if there is a change with the company info, i can change it on the 'client information table' and it will automatically update on the order forms..etc.


where now?

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yeah i've been attempting to. Everything I try..it just seems like there is absolutely no link between the tables, i can't get ANY information to cross over, or display cross-table.

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Hello Lee

I don't work in 7 and I believe it has a different structure to earlier models so this may not even apply but you are displaying related fields on your layouts aren't you and not the same name fields from your current file?



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Yes but the fields do not get automatically populated with the info in the related fields. What you do is use the fields in the related file to display the info that you want.


Before I start please remember that I am in an earlier version so what I say may not necessarily be correct but I am fairly sure that the same general rules must apply


ok here goes


File(table)1 has got field customer name and field customer address details


File 2 has only got field customer name


While in file2, establish a relationship between the two files based on customer name to customer name Call the relationship 'custrelate'.


Do a simple layout in file 2 showing only 2 fields


a - Customer name from file 2

b - Customer address.


When specifying the customer address field make sure that you specify customer address from the relationship custrelate not from the current file (you can change from the current file at the top of the window when specifying your field). It will look like this





Now when you are in file 2 you can select a customer from your drop down list. and the address details shown next to it will be the address details of the customer with the same name in file 1. Change the name and you will see the address details change


Give it a whirl



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