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Text to field name


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Is it possible to convert the text in a field to a field name that can be used in a calculation?


What I am working on is more complicated than this but in short this is what I am looking at:


Field 1(Named LastActive) has the text "December". It is a global field. I have fields for each month named January - December that have dollar vales for that month. I have a summary field of last active and I want the calculation to read Sum(December). If the content of the Last Active field reads May I want the summary field of last active to be the sum of May.


Thanks, DMc

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Build subsummaries sorted by the month and create a summary field based on that sort. It will total each month under the month heading. Then the same summary can be used in a Trailing Grand Summary to total all months.


You can create interactive and dynamic headers and/or legends by using text merges such as:


Total for >:


where each subsummary header becomes part of the subsummary total legend and would then read "Total for December:". Hope this helps.


Be well . . .


Tom laugh.gif

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