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Averaging summary fields


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Hi all, Happy New Year. Can anyone help?


I have a Summary field that is a count of appointments each of my teachers had during the term. I want the high, low and average number of these appointments. I know I can't create a Summary field to Average a Summary field - so what can I do? I tried a calculatiuon field, but it returned an incorrect average. And I don't know how I'd get a Low or High using a Caluclation field.


Thanks in advance.

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Assuming you have a Teacher table related to Appointment, use a Count(Appointment::AppointmentID) calc in Teacher to get a count of each teacher's appointments. Then sort the Teacher records by this count. The first record (or records) will be the Low, the last record (or records) will be the High. Although this may perform poorly with large record sets, I think it will be the most accurate.


"Average" has different meanings, but if you want the mean number of Appointments per Teacher, you might try a script to get the total number of records in the Appointment table (or the total for the current semester, etc.) and divide by the number of teachers.

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