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Moving Around

john mcg

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Hello Folks:


First time post.

I've just purchased FMP 7--great stuff!


I developed a 'job costing' solution a few years ago on version 4.

I am in process of developing a more complete solution for the builder/remodeler business, which is 'relational' with several 'tables'.


Is it possible to 'import or merge' the old file or the one table from that file into the new 'file' as another 'table'.

Thus preventing the tedious job of creating corresponding 'fields' first.


There be lots of fields in that old file!


Is that about clear as mud?





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I believe you need Developer to use the Robot. I think it uses the DDR (Database Design Report) which is only available in the Developer version.


I suppose you could try to find someone with the Developer version and have them do the conversion for you.


Developer has a couple of other nice features that you may find handy so a visit to the FileMaker website to compare versions may be worth the effort.

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