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Getting next delivery day


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Is there an easier way to get the next delivery date (example: customer is delivered to on Thursdays - if today is Tuesday, get the date "12/30/04" of delivery...but, if today is Thursday and they are delivered to on Thursday, get the NEXT Thursday 1/6/05)


The only way I can think of is with tons of IFs and Cases...is there a simpler way?

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Well, I see seven cases, though there may be a mathematical way to do it with DayOfWeek():


DeliveryDate (calculation, date result) =

case(DayName(OrderDate) = "Thursday"; OrderDate + 7;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Friday"; OrderDate + 6;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Saturday"; OrderDate + 5;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Sunday"; OrderDate + 4;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Monday"; OrderDate + 3;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Tuesday"; OrderDate + 2;

DayName(OrderDate) = "Wednesday"; OrderDate + 1)


[Edit: fixed case syntax.]

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Yes, but there's more...as each customer has different delivery days (could be Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri)...now see why I say a TON of cases/IFs smile.gif

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Gotcha. Assuming you have the DeliveryDay (a day name like Thursday, Friday, etc.) stored in the Customer table, then you can calculate the DeliveryDate in the Order table like this:


DeliveryDate (calculation, date result) =



DeliveryDay# =










+ DeliveryDay#

- DayOfWeek(OrderDate)

+ Case(DayOfWeek(OrderDate) >= DeliveryDay#; 7)

)//end let

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Actually using your idea I figured it out.


I used the difference between the order day and delivery day and then wrote a quick case:


Order Date - Delivery Date = Date Difference


Case: D.D. > O.D.; O.D. + Abs(Date Difference);



and that's it! smile.gif

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