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Insert Picture based on text field


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I'm trying to write a script which inserts a picture into a container field based on the text in another field. Not having any luck with either the Insert Picture command or the Set Field command.


Any help?

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Place your pictures in a global repeating container. Then create a container calc:


Case[FieldA = "Ishkabibble",



FieldA = "Frumbubble",



etc. etc. etc.


Tom laugh.gif

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Thanks for the help. I don't yet understand all of the abilities of global repeating containers, didn't even realise you could have a container calculation.


But what I'm after is:


Retrieve the ImageName


FieldImageName = "123_4AB.jpg"


Insert picture file 123_4AB.jpg into the ImageContainer field for that record.


Then I will just create a loop to work through all the records in the database.


There are over 5,000 records in the database.


Thanks again for the answers...

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