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New to FM Pro and need some help!


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I am a programmer by vocation and am new to this application. I understand relational dbs but I have a question about FM pro 5.5.


I have two databases


1. Cust Mast

2. Work Orders


related by customer#


I have no problem getting from the master record to the related work order record, but how do I limit viewing just the related records in the work order file on the work order form?


It sounds simple and probably is, but I cannot figure this out!!


Any help is appreciated!!



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If you want to browse related records from customer file putthem into portal (put portal from relation wit work file on some of yours layout)

Otherwies if you want to browse them in related file use script step

Go to Related Record with option show only related.





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I will give that a try!!


Also, if I put them into a portal, how would I go about selecting and showing a record in the portal on a seperate for. Like for maintenance purposes?


Thanks so much for the help!!



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