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Help save a poor girls job


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I am in desperate need of help pulling together info for a meeting on 5/20.

Here's my story-

I am in the Advertising Industry. My company uses a very popular accounting software package call "Adman." I have been building a solution to run the rest of the business. Items such as job tickets, estimates, timesheets, schedules etc. It has been going very well until this week I was informed that "Adman" has been bought out by another package called "Advantage."

This new package offers a few features that I have been hired to develop. Management is thinking they should just buy this package and stops the FileMaker development and live without many features that I am in the middle of building.

What I am trying to find out is if I could get FileMaker to export info to "Advantage." They have a site "gotoadvantage.com" if anyone could poke around and see if it would be do-able, I would greatly appreciate it. :eek: Thanks in advance for any help.

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The solution is simple...they can buy a package that will fit some of their needs but will lack extensive customization, will rely on updates from the developer which may be two per year, can never have the total flexibility of FMP, won't have the printing power, won't have the ability to run thousands of advanced and specific tasks that are tailored just for them...or they can use FMP which can do 99% of everything.


No one wants to reinvent the wheel...but the fact is that FMP is a solution that serves the unique needs of any specific business...pre-packaged software (even tailored to an industry) only serves to make companies fit the square mold regardless of whether they are a circle or not. Only FMP will serve their specific needs that differentiate them from any other company...and it will also give them the edge to beat their competition with better tools and information.


Try that pitch...

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