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FM Newbie Needs Report Help


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First off........... The situation I'm in.


I had no experience whatsoever with FM 5.5 until this past Tuesday when I was asked to download the Trial Version, create a database and see if FM would meet my company's needs. So far, I think it is a great program. I have been able to figure out the majority of my design problems (if you want to call it that) from posts on this board and other FM sites. (there is no help file in the Trial Version I downloaded).


I was good to go until I was asked to make a report with stipulations.


Timesheets are entered into the database daily covering several jobs and several tasks per job. From job beginning to end there may be 30 timesheets with 7 tasks



Date1 - Job1 - task2

Date2 - Job1 - task7

Date3 - Job2 - task5

Date4 - Job1 - task3



There could, at any one time, be as many as 1000 entries covering 60 or more "Job Numbers" in the database and they want me to create a "report" that returns all records that pertain to just ONE "Job Number" and group them by "Task".




Date1 - Job 1 hours - cost

Date2 - Job 1 - hours - cost



Date3 - Job 1 - hours - cost


ETC, ETC..............

(Omitting Job 2, Job 3, etc.)


And, if possible , they want to be able to create this "report" by typing the "Job Number" into a "Field" and clicking a button.


That's not too much to ask of someone who has never worked with FileMaker Pro without a help file. Is it?


As you can tell, I will take any help I can get with this (short of paying someone to fly to Ohio to do it themself). If I can get this to work they are going to buy the program WITH THE HELP SECTION!

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