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Password issue


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I have a mulit-user database set up with three passwords.

The lowest-level password is mostly read-only access.

The next level allows the user to do some admin stuff like change the names of files and so on.

The highest level is the master password that allows access to the whole file.


I have the database set up to try the lowest level password automatically.

Recently I've noticed that some users who should only have low-level access have been able to change the names of files. At first I thought they had figured out the mid or high level password but when I asked they said they had just been able to do it. They said that it worked sometimes and not others.


It never works for me. When I open the file and just let it use the automatic low-level password, I only have low-level access, the way it should be.


Any ideas?

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Well, I just heard back from one of the people who was getting in and messing up my database (actually he was the only one, he was just taking vandalism requests from other people).


He says that for some reason he is the only one that gets prompted for a password. He says he is using an older keyboard for his Mac. It's an older beige ADB keyboard. Could this somehow prompt the password like holding down the option key, or do you think this is just an isolated thing?

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any user can get access to the password dialog box by holding down the option key.


This is not limited to this machine or keyboard.


Change your higher level passwords and dont give to that person.

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