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FileMaker fields in SQL


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I have a small FileMake Database that I want to send to an ODBC datasource.


On the FileMaker side I have an id (number) and name (text with maximum length of 255) in a

database called 'ttt'. On the other side I have id (int) name (varchar(255)) in a database

called' test'.


How can push the data I have up to the server? I am trying to use "Execute SQL" to do it. The

problem is I do not know how to pull the data of the current record into the query.


I want to do something like:

Execute SQL [No dialog, "DSN:MyTest","INSERT INTO test (id,name) VALUES(ttt.id,ttt.name"]


However, the STRING ttt.id (and name) get sent not the values from the current record.



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One way to do this is create a calculation field in your database which compiles the SQL statement and Values for each record ----


c_SQL_statement = "Insert into TEST ( id, name) VALUES ( " & (id field name) & "," & (name field name) & " )"


[ You may want (need) to put single quotes around your field data -- i.e & "'" & (id field name) & "'" & ]


Then create a script to loop through the records you wish to upload ----


Go to Record/Request/Page [first]


Execute SQL [No dialog, "DSN:MyTest", "c_SQL_statement"]

Go to Record/Request/Page [Exit after last, Next]

End Loop


Of course you will probably want to put in some error checking and what-not in your script to prevent endless loops , etc...

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