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I made a huge mistake, is there a way out of it?


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For over a year we have been entering data into our Order Entry system, (over 5000 orders.

We use a [LineItems] and [salesDetail] file. The other day I decided to change things around and set up the [LineItems] file to produce our invoices, we currently do it through [salesDetail]. Try as I may I could not get the Customer name and address to show up in [LineItems] even thought there is a relationship between [LineItems] & [Contacts] based on CustomerId. It is then I realized what i'd done. The CustomerId field in [LineItems] was taken from the [salesDetail] file not [Contacts]. I have over 20,000 records in [LineItems]. How can I change this around without destroying my current orders. I must make the change because there is information and reports I need that can only come from [LineItems]. What can I do?



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Your customer name should be defined as a lookup using the relationship from contacts file.


When you enter the Customer ID# in the Customer ID field The Customer Name should fill in automatic. This should not effect any other records In Orders or any previous records in line items. That is if you had used a lookup to the details before and the field is not displayed as Details::Customer Name in the layout in your line items file.


If it is you will have to do a loop script to relookup the customer name.

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