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Fast, Realtime development while talking to Users

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I am a Filemaker developer with 10 years of experience, including very complex solutions with triply nested programming loops and dynamically created portals.

I also am a skilled user interface designer and interviewer(Where do you get the design without understanding the users?). My graduate education in psychology helps with this.


I can consult online with Timbuktu and design a database while a user tells me what it should do.


Please feel free to call at 800-269-7392,

or at simpledatabase.com

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I have a simple FMP db for a non-profit homeowners association of which I am a member. We have 78 lot owners and a total of 359 lots. Right now there is an owner's file with contact information and a Lot file with information on each lot. I have this up and running to this point. The problem I have is that I need to be able to create invoices for annual membership dues. Some owners own as many as 60 lots, while many are single lot owners. Some lots are not charged dues, some are charged at different rates because of the status of the lot's use.


I need someone who can clean up what I have and create an invoice form that will merge the owner information and search for each lot the owner has, checking it against the different charges and creating an invoice.


Thanks for your time.

Hope I didn't give you more than you wanted for a first contact.



Lou Kief

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I am looking for a person who can redesign a standard BPS from Filimaker Inc and add bar code creations and reading funcionality


Plsd let me know in case of interest.



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