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Range of records in script


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Hello, Please Help!!


We have a report that has a layout asking the user for a date range and department range. A script then runs the report.


Example: Date Range = 01/01/1998 to 03/31/2002, Department = Biology to History.

In our script we have insert calculated the date range, department range and the balance greater or equal to 1.


The problem is that we want to see all records entered for the current month (even if it is zero), along with the nonzero records. In other words show all records on the report for the date range and department entered that has balances, however, also show the records with zero balance that were paid off the current month in which the report is being run.


Using the find in the script gives us the correct date range, department, and the records, but it leaves out the records that were entered and paid off in the current month because it has a zero balance.


We took out the balance greater or equal to 1, we get the records for the current month on the report, but we also get all the records that were zero out from 1998 to 2002.

We only want records with zero balances to show on the report if the record had been zero out in the and falls within the current month. I.e. If the report is run from 01/01/1998 to 03/31/2002, the only zero balance records that shows on the report will be those zero out in March 2002.


How can we do find in the script to accomplish this. All the records on the report are coming from the main student file (the student file does have in each record the last payment date and payment amount). The payment records are in a related file.

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