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Is there a way to LOCK records?


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Once an invoice is compleated, I would like to be able to lock it so it cannot be modified. The ideal would be all invoices done today would lock effective the next day. The main thing I want to do is keep from an accidental change to an order. How would you do this?


I would also want to be able to UNLOCK an invoice if a change was necessary.


Thanks for your help,



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There are a couple of ways to do this.


Method 1:

1. Add a number field - IsLocked

2. Update the field validations for all fields that should be locked:

Validated by Calculation: IsEmpty( IsLocked )

3. Make this is a strict validation (don't allow users to override).

4. Define a custom message.

Note: It may help to include a note in the message telling the user to click the "Revert" button to exit the message.


When IsLocked is set to 1, the fields for which you've added the new validation will become uneditable. Users can unlock the record by clearing the contents of IsLocked.


Method 2:

(This only works if you have FMP 5.5)

1. Go to File/Access Privileges/Passwords...

2. Add a password: "Test"

3. Next to "Edit Records...", select "Limited".

4. Set the calc to: IsEmpty( IsLocked )


When IsLocked is set to 1, the record will not allow editing by any user logged in with the "Test" password. As "Test" users are prohibited from editing locked records, they won't be able to unlock - someone with a higher level password (with access to edit all records) will need to unlock it.


Hope this helps,


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I believe if you have 5.5 you can do that by flaging the record. You may also look into FMSecure.


Harry did you get my message ealier about your scripting problem?

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What I would like to do is have the order lock once the order has been paid. Currently, when a check number is entered into the CheckNbr field PAID is automatically entered into the OrderStatus field. It is at this point I would like the entire record to lock.


What is the best way to do it?





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