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I'm using an address database running on FMP Server and shared over TCP/IP on a local network.


I need to use Microsoft Word 98 on a Macintosh and create a mail merge with the database. I have a form letter which I want to address for each of the people in my database. I can't figure out how to do this without bringing a copy of the database to the local machine instead of using it over the network. Any suggestions?

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Can you copy the form letter into your Addresses DB?

Then choose one of the following


For Group e-mail see






To email more than one records contents see



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Actually I use the Mondomail (for mac) and SMTPit (for PC) plugin to have FMP send emails. It's actually a really hot little plugin that works via ugly calculations. But it's great especially when you want automatic emais sent.


Unfortunately what I really want to do is use MS word to write my letter because of it's formatting capabilities (okay for ease for my users) and I'll be printing it , not emailing it. I've seen it done before, I just never figured out how to do it.

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In Word 98 on Mac under tools

Do you have option

MailMergeFrom FileMaker?


If not I may have just the thing for you.



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No I don't have that option I do have an option under tools for MailMerge (No mention of FileMaker.


I tried to use it but.... it wants to have the database local and I have my databases all running under FMP Server 5.


So what is it that you have?


I'm curious.

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