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Getting value from a repeating field

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Is there a way to verify a value (text) from a repeating cell? Here is my example:


First field - "Game Played" either "JV" or "V". (repeating field)

Second Field - "Assists" with numeric vaule

Third field - "Total assists JV" - Needs to erify "Game Played" = "JV" then does sum of "assists" field

Fourth Field - "JV Points assists" - "Total assists JV" * 1.5


Then same thing for the "V" value in the first field. What I get right now is it only looks at the first value of the "Game Played" and does the calcs...so I have some players that play both and I only get a value in the Varsity side...help?



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First thing. You probably should think about breaking away from repeating fields and separate the into single fields. Much easier to manipulate.



have you tried using the

GetRepetition (repeating field, number) Statement. This go to the repeating field and the repetition field number.



GetRepetition (datafield, 3)


Wil go to DataField and the 3rd Rep.

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The only reason not to break apart the repeating field is because for the 10 catagories, i have 31 repetitions each...plus a ton of calculating functions to cut and paste.


I had thought of that "GetRep..", but the "Total" field gets all of the total from all 31 fields, would I have to have a clarifier of number location for each of the repetitions of the Assists first to then look at the repetions of the game played? Does that make sense?



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