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E-mail user an updated base for auto-installation


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What is the best (simple) way to have a user be able to install an updated base shell if I send it to them via E-mail ?


The existing menu system has upgrade scripts that look for the word upgrade in the new file. This will trigger the script to look for an exported file of data for import.


I can have the user start things off from the menu by selecting "upgrade a module" button that will prompt the user to select the

"installer.fp5" file I create. The installer will display details and start the export process of existing data from the present base I will be updating.


My problem is: How do you get around the issue of sending a base with the same name, like "people.fp5", to update the structure or layouts ? And how to make sure it gets copied to the correct folder as the existing base to update?


Thanks for any help you can provide.


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What I normally do in cases just like this is I email the new database to the user with instructions to:

1) Quit out of FileMaker

2) Take the existing file and either rename it or move it to someplace safe.

3) Move the new file into the same folder/directory and launch to test.


The Key in this case is preserving the original in case something goes wrong with the new one. Worst case one can then revert to the way it all was and start over.


It's been on rare occasion that I have had to actually sit at the user's system and put everything where it should go.

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