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multiple rows/columns across page


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I seem to recall a converstaion about this earlier, but I couldnt seem to find it...


I would like to create a report that displays the results as 3 or 4 columns on a single page (each record would only have 2 fields, and would be summarized by category. To save space, I would like to have the records loop back up from the bottom of the page and begin a new column running down. I know its a terrible description, but I hope you get the idea...


I think this may be one of those filemaker shortcomings, but was wondering if anyone had been able to implement a solution to the problem (that wasnt ridiculously complicated)



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Okay, thought of a fix, but still could use some help.


I am displaying the records in 3 portals side by side (40 records to a portal, related to same file by 3 relationships: column1::column# where column# is calculated through a script, column2::column#...)


Problem is that I dont want to view all records, just 1 per description, and I need to run some subsummary fields. This is getting complicated, so here are the fields:






where category would by produce type (vegetable, fruit, legume...)Description (apple, potato, peanut...) and quantity would be amount purchased.


If there were 70 orders for 1 potato, I would only want Potato displayed once under the vegetable category with the total potato quantity. If no potatos were bought that day, I would not want Potato on the report. This is very easy using a columnar report, but I am having a hard time coming up with an elegant solution for multiple vertical columns on a single page. I hope this is enough info.


I can envision a big messy solution with multiple portals for categories (but would cause problems with layout when category is unusually large one day, and could not split category info between columns...), but was hoping for something a little less complicated.


I would appreciate any suggestions.



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please disregard this entire thread. no problem at all when using the layout option- bonehead oversight. would like to be able to print/display duplicate subsummary heading at top of new column when it breaks in the middle of a set of records with the same heading, but wont lose too much sleep.

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