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Relationship s are weird


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Well guys, I'm back with another weird question. I have created a database with relationships linked to another file I created just for report purposes. For Example:


File Name: Database_1

field names:

Social, First name , Last name


Another File: Database_2

field names:

Social, First name , Last name


Relationship created on Database_2



Report created on Database_2

It's a columnar list report that shows:

Social, First name, Last name


I created this relationship so when I type the B]Social[/b] in B]Database_2[/b], it will pull the First name and Last name from Database_1 . Also, this relationship will generate the report I created on B]Database_2[/b]


Well, I was successful in this approach. In fact I created 500 records with no problems Now here is the problem:


I changed the lenght of character of Social in Database_1. Now when I type in the social in Database_2, the record does show in the main window with all the other fields. However, on the report , some records appear with the Social, but the First and Last name are missing.

For example:






Social: 6243

First: Jane

Last: Doe


By the way, this error is taking place from record 501 and on.


Any ideas at all would be appreciated.


Thanks guys and don't get in any messy relationships. he.. he... !



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My motto is "If it's not broken, Don't fix it".


How about changing back to the way it was?


or try this in your report layout click

on social and send it to the front. By changing the the lenth of the field and since it probably was the first field iin the layout. Maybe it is being overlapped by the next field????


Also try recreating the layout and then deleting the old layout. wink.gif

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Thanx chopper for your reply. I checked the fields and they are not overlapping. I also did another layout and sitll doesn't work.


Thanx again



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Just to cover all Relationship bases, why is there First name and Last name fields in both DBs. DB2 does not need these fields, rather they should be pulled over in a portal with the Social relation. Maybe when changing the lenght you are cutting off part of the number required to establish the relation with the DB that has a longer field value Hope this helps

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This thread is quite old. Please start a new thread rather than reviving this one.

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