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Copying fields between databases


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I am creating a database for patients and their surgical procedures. I have a second database that contains all the procedures. In the second database there are 3 fields (procedure code number, name and description). I would like to be able to find the procedure, copy the code and name and have it pasted into the patient/procedure database starting from the patient/procedure database as easily as possible. Since the second database contains over 15,000 records, many of the procedures will need a find before they can be copied into the patient record. Thanks in advance.

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Try this


In your proceedures file

Create a Field called

Quick_Proceedure = calc =

Left(Proceedure, 1) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 2) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 3) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 4) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 5) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 6) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 7) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 8) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 9) & "¶" & Left(Proceedure, 10)


In your Main DB

create a field called

Quick_Proccedure Lookup = Text


In Field validation Choose option

Validation by calculation

once inside place this value in the Calculation

not PatternCount(Quick_Proccedure Lookup, "¶")


Then at bottom

Click on

Display message if validation fails

"Sorry there are no proceedures that match your request"


now create a relationship


Main DB (Quick_Proccedure Lookup) :: Proceedures (Quick_Proccedure)


In the Main DB go to define fields and change Proceedure to a lookup using the the above relationship and choose (::Proceedures,Proceedure)


Next make a portal using the above relationship

Place inside the ::Proceedure number , ::proceedure


Outside the portal place the field Quick_Proccedure Lookup


Create this script


Set the proceedure


Set Field [Proceedure Number(::Proceedure,Proceedure Number)]


No A small button about 1/8"square label it Set and choose perform script (Set the proceedure) Place this button inside the portal next to the proceedure.


Now comes the neat part

As you type into the field Quick_Proccedure Lookup, each letter you type if there is a match in the proceedures file your portal will change.



If you type P every proceedure that starts with P will show in the portal


If you type Pr every proceedure that start with Pr will be in portal







If you type Proceed everything that starts with

Proceed will be be inside the portal



Now scroll the portal and find the Proceedure you are looking for and press the Set button next to it and Wala your proceedure is set


No copy and paste. even cool.gif er.

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