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Complex Filemaker issue

John Garrett

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Thanks to those who responded to my request for information about selecting random records and pairing them together. I appreciate it. I'd like to give a detailed account of what I'm trying to do and see if anyone can assist me. I'm trying to create a program that will be used in card game tournaments. Here's how the tournaments work:


1) You have at least 8 people per tournament. The tournament consists of at least 4 (usually 5) rounds and could possibly go up to 8.


2) For the first round you need to randomly pair all of the players off. This will be accomplished with the help of the randomization help I was given before.


3) For each player who wins outright they receive 3 points (this is added to a running total). People who lose receive 1 point. There is also a situation where a game will time out. In those situations a player will get a timed win worth 2 points.


4) For the second round all the players with 3 points need to be randomly placed together. If there is an odd number then one of them needs to be randomly paired with someone who had 2 points. Then all the players with 2 points need to be paired randomly and the same for people with 1 point.


5) At the third round all the people with 6 points (2 wins) need to be randomly paired and so on. It continues this way for the whole tournament.


Any thoughts on how I can do this? Are there any templates out there for other games like Bridge or something close that I could modify. All input is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Is there anyone out there who might be available as a consultant to help me with this issue? Please email me directly with what you think the cost would be to create the scripts I would need for this. Thanks.



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