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Help Soon, Please!! - Get student payment records total


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Please Help as soon as possible.


We have a student master database with a related database of the payments made by each student.

The student payment file includes the student account number, payment date, and payment amount.

We have a report in the student master database that runs a report of all the payments for a particular month.


How do we get the total amount paid by a student to show on the report from the student master file?


We have tried using a relationship from the student master file to the student payment file, sorted in descending order by

date. This only gives us the last payment date and amount. There are multiple payments made by a student

in the same month, we want the total paid for that month.


Example: Student Harry has four payments in March (100 + 50+ 50 + 100) totaling $300.


When we run the report using the relationship it only gives the most recent payment.


Please help. How do we get the total payments to show on our report run from the student master file.



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It would be better if you ran your report from the payments database.


The relationship exists that you can include some information from the master file.


Then, you can create a summary field totalling the payments for each student that month.


summarymonth [summary, total of payment amount]


Create a new report layout including subtotals and grand totals.


Move across the relevant fields like name, payment date and amount.

Sort by student name and then in the subtotal and grand total include your summary field.


Choose to create a script, which will then remember the sort order for this report.


You can script this report to run from your master database.


Run Report.

Perform Script [external, Your report script]



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