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Calculating with Related Fields


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I'm trying to use two databases in a common calculation.


Database One keeps track of labor.

Each record in the database contains a particular procedure and there is a SUMMARY field which totals the labor for all Procedures.


Database Two keeps track of cabinet parts.

When you select a cabinet type in this database you activate a SET FIELD SCRIPT that counts the number of doors in this cabinet.


The two databases share a relationship.


I am having trouble multiplying (SUMMARY OF TOTAL LABOR) in database one X (TOTAL NUMBER OF DOORS )in database two.


When I calculate these two fields it returns the value (0).


Can I not reference a summary field in a calculation?


Thanks for any help.



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Hello Jarvis,

Welcome to the Café! smile.gif


As a starting point, you might like to investigate the entries in FileMaker's help files about the uses of the GetSummary( ) function.


In order to pass the summary data between the two files (in order to calculate a composite result) you may find that you will first need an intermediary calculation field that references the Summary field in one (or both) files, then pass the calc result on into the calculation.

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I'm new to FileMaker. And if anyone can help me with a problem I would be forever greatful.

I have three files: Order Entry, Company and Contact. I need to have a drop down value list showing all of the companies that are only "Clients" from the Company file into the Order Entry. I also then need to have the appropriate Contacts associated with that Company appear in a drop down menu that I can choose from. Anybody got a solution?

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