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Where does FM look


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I hesitated to post this here because it is such a general forum, but I couldn't find a more appropriate forum, sorry.


I have been working with a stack of files in one directory. I then copy the entire directory to a new directory so that I can preserve my original prior to making changes. I later realized that there was a file missing in the new directory but the application wasn't complaining. I begin to worry and question where and how FM looks for related files when they aren't in the current directory.


Can anyone provide me with some rules that FM uses to determine the location of files that it needs for relations prior to it compaining that the file isn't found?



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Hi Airborne,


If you are using FileMaker Pro 5.5


When you set up the relationship by choosing the file you will see save relative path only.


this means that you can have multiple copies of the database and it will always look to the correct file.


However, before FM5.5 this was not an option.


Don't quote me on this, but I think what happens is this. If I am not right I am sure someone will put me right!


If you have transferred your database to a new folder and missed a file, it will first look in that folder and if it does not see the file there, it will go hunting your hard drive for a file that matches that name. The first one it finds it will use.


Prior to FM5.5 the best option was to make a zipped version of your databases and then make any changes you need.


Best answer. Upgrade to FM5.5 If you haven't already

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