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Date Range


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I'm trying to generate a report. I have a database that has a sales date. I want to get all the records that are within a specific time frame (1/1/2004 - 1/31/2004), and for the life of me I can't figure it out. I've tried everything, and can't seem to get it. confused.gif I've searched the internet for hours, and can't seem to get it. mad.gifmad.gifmad.gif


If you don't understand what I mean someone please email me and I'll explain....


Tahnee tmay@pacificmfghomes.com

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after you have made a subsummarry layout (use the setup help as you create the layout)


Script =


Enter Find Mode [pause]

*** here's where you enter your date string just like this 1/1/2004...1/31/2004

Perform find [ ]

go to layout [subSumarry]

enter preview mode[pause]

print [show dialog]

go to layout [orignal]

enter browse mode[ ]

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Manually, you go to to Find mode,

and you can either use the drop down menu, or enter it mannually. It's called a Range, and the operator is three periods "..."


So your find will be to have this in your date field:







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