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Highlight current record


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okay, I've been anonymous here for a long time but I'm twerked that I can't do this. I KNOW I've done it before - or something similar but can't make it work now.


Self-join with portal of all records on constant. I want a calculation container to highlight on the portal row when I'm viewing that main record. Not only doesn't the highlight change when I chnage to the next main record but I can't even get it to display at all. I'm using


Case(SelfJoin::Status(CurrentRecordID) = Status(CurrentRecordID), Highlight, "")


with the container calc in the portal arranged to the back. I've even tried Exit Record Request to force it to update but nope. I'll bet I'm staring right at it. Thoughts?



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Hello Sullivan,

Because current versions of FileMaker don't provide a function which returns the active recordID (Status(CurrentRecordNumber) only provides sequential data and does so independently for each record), I'm afraid that there is no inbuilt easy way to track location in the file. Nevertheless it can be done.


There are a couple of ways to go about it, but they are slightly obscure. The first is to lock the solution down so that all navigation (including finds and sorts etc) is achieved using scripts you provide, then to the end of each script, add a step:


Set Field ["gCurrentRecord", "Status(CurrentRecordID)"]


- where gCurrentRecord is a global number field provided for the purpose of tracking the current record. Once the above infrastructure is in place, you will be able to highlight the current record using a calculating container with a formula along the lines of:


Case(Status(CurrentRecordID) = gCurrentRecord, gRowHighlight)


- where gRowHighlight is a global container field which holds a swatch of color.


This method is very effective, provided you are prepared to go to the trouble of creating a fully scripted interface to support it. However if you leave gaps that permit users to navigate without using your scripts, the highlighting will be inconsistent. It's an approach that works best in high-end solutions, and particularly those that use products like MenuControl or MenuMagic to provide a seamlessly customized interface.


Alternatively, if you have (or can get) access to one of the many script triggering plug-ins - which include:


Troi Automatisering - Troi Activator:



New Millennium Communications - MenuMagic:



Waves in Motion - oAzium Events:



Comm-Unity Networking Systems - SCRIPTit:



(there are various others, but the above gives a good cross-section of the leading x-plat offerings)


...you would then be able to establish an automated procedure that captures the recordID each time the user moves to a different record, regardless of what means of navigation is used. With a system implemented in this way, users will be able to navigate using the Status Area controls, conventional keyboard shortcuts or even by clicking the mouse in list view - and the highlighting mechanism will still update correctly.


If you're interested, you'll find an example of a file that has been configured to operate this way (using Troi Activator), available as a demo download from:




The demo is limited to a 'list view' display, but the same technique will drive a self-join portal highlight just as effectively. It's a relatively simple file - but it nevertheless shows that full and seamless automation is possible. wink.gif

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Well then no, Ray, I haven't done this before. I've used it in similar ways but obviously not like this. No wonder I couldn't get the stinkin thing to work. Thanks I feel better about asking.


Our controls are pretty tight but I doubt if they're tight enough. But I have been asked to provide this feature so I will certainly go the plugin method. Thanks for your help on this and I will use that demo file to get me going.



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Wow. I thought I was pretty good at this stuff but this humbles me. Yes indeed I'll use your method. And I had to come back to thank you again for giving it to me. And rate you, of course. smile.gif


It still blows my mind.


Sullivan Baxter

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