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Overriding Calculations


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Ok I hope i can explain this correctly. I have made a few fields containing calculations for dates. The data base is for key issues, which contain the date, date taken out, date to be returned and date returned. I would like one field to display keys which are overdue by inserting the text "Overdue" which i have done and an other field which puts a mark such as "!" if the key is returned. This is what i cant do once "!" is put in i would like the overdue to be deleted so the field is empty.


I hope some would help me out. Thank You.

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hi dorato,


Supposing you have two date fields, one for today and one for the date the key should be returned, you could create an field called "overdue", based on the following calculation:


If(date_return>date_today and IsEmpty(returned);"overdue";"")


As soon as you type "!" or whatever you want in the "returned" field, the text "overdue" disappears. smile.gif

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