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Calculation for current fiscal year


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If my fiscal year begins on July 1st of each year and goes to June 31st, how can I get a report that automatically gives me the date range for the CURRENT fiscal year. I would like to do this in a script.



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This will find records from the beginning of the current FY to the current date:



Month(Status(CurrentDate)) < 7, DateToText(Date(7, 1, Year(Status(CurrentDate))-1)) & ".." & DateToText(Status(CurrentDate)),

DateToText(Date(7, 1, (Year(Status(CurrentDate))))) & ".." & DateToText(Status(CurrentDate))


If you want to allow for dynamic searches from the beginning of the current FY to a user-entered date, create a globalDate field for desired date entry, then:



Month(globalDate) < 7, DateToText(Date(7, 1, Year(globalDate)-1)) & ".." & DateToText(globalDate),

DateToText(Date(7, 1, (Year(globalDate)))) & ".." & DateToText(globalDate)


Use these in Insert Calculated Result steps in your scripts, and remember the requirement that the date field you are searching on must be on the active Layout.

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You could also have 2 date fields :



which values would be auto-entered from 2 other global fields:



Then, you'd update the global and Loop through all records with a yearly script to reset all the previously entered dates to the new global values.


This would allow you to have an index boolean calculation of

DateField>=d_FYStart and DateField


The only thing you'd need than would be a global number field of 1 at Left side and a relationship from this global to the boolean calc.

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Hello Chatterdada,

Errm... well, for one thing, I think you mean June 30th (there are only 30 days in june - even in a leap year! :eek: ).


That aside, I'm guessing you might like to locate the current fiscal year records for your report via a script. If that's the case, you might like to set up something along the lines of:


Go to Layout [any Layout which has your existing RecordDate field on it]
Enter Find Mode [ ]
Insert Calculated Result ["RecordDate", "DateToText(Date(7, 1, Year(Status(CurrentDate)) - (Month(Status(CurrentDate)) < 7))) & "..." & DateToText(Date(6, 30, Year(Status(CurrentDate)) + (Month(Status(CurrentDate)) > 6)))"]
Perform Find [Replace Found Set]
Go to Layout [Your Report layout]

It's compact and clean and requires no additional fields (ie the script will operate by performing its 'find' on the existing date field within your records). smile.gif


NB: If records are never entered in advance - ie if the values which reside in the RecordDate field (whatever it may be called) are always equal to or less than the current date, then the latter half of the Insert Calculated Result [] formula could be truncated to DateToText(Status(CurrentDate)) (as in the formulae suggested by Jim), but going by the actual question - as you've worded it - the full form would seem to be necessary... wink.gif

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