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How to age an invoice?


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I have a field for Invoice Date and another for Invoice Date Paid. Invoices older than 30 days are overdue.


I'd like to have a field Invoice Age that would show the number of days, beyond 30, that the invoice remains unpaid.


Ideally, if the Invoice is older than 30 days, I'd like that overdue days count to update automatically and display in red text.


After payment is made, I'd like that overdue day count to remain permanently in the age field as a way of tracking a client's payment habits.


Is there already a script and calculations for this? I've done a search in the Cafe files but not found it.

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Thanks for the file. It's an awesome piece of work. I have adapted and customized it to great effect, especially the summary report.


But it still does not do one thing I wanted.


I've aged the invoice by the number of days until it is paid. Using your existing Field Definitions I created a Calculated field,


Invoice Age = If(Invoice Date Paid, Invoice Date Paid - Invoice Date , If(not Invoice Date Paid, Number of Days,0 ))


When a date is placed in the Invoice Date Paid, the count stops and remains at the number of days between the date of the invoice and the date it was paid.


However, if there is nothng in the Invoice Date Paid I want the count to incrementally increase by 1 for every day that the invoice remains open.


What must I add to the above Calculation to cause the count to increment each day that an invoice remains open?


BTW, for my application I am not concerned about partial payments. Clients either pay the entire invoice or ot at all. It is a safe assumption that any payment is full payment.


Thanks again for the excellent file. I will credit you and include a link to you in the application "about" screen.



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Provided your calculation is unstored (or the age value is set by script), you would be able to use something along the lines of:


Invoice Age = If(Invoice Date Paid, Invoice Date Paid, Status(CurrentDate)) - Invoice Date


Which will age the invoice up to the current date if no payment has been made - and otherwise up to the payment date.

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