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Calculation displays in one file, but not in another?


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What's up with this? I have a file named Experts with fields lastname, firstname, phone, email, etc. Within that file, I've created a calculation called expertnamecalc that pairs them all up to display firstname, phone & email. Works just fine.


In a related file named Media, I've created a pop-up field displaying the lastname from the Experts file. Theoretically, when the user selects the lastname, FMP should then populate the expertnamecalc.


Why would it work in the Experts file and not in the Media file? I've established a relationship between the two files using an ID field. The relationship exists both in Experts and in Media.


I'm stuck, and have been for over a week. Any ideas anyone? (short of calling in an FMP developer)

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Starting by these terribly bugging little things...


Could be that your ID field wasn't computed and that FM needs some refresh to establish that relationship. Then, the lookup doesn't happen.


The way you could check it is by having a simple script "Exit record".

Call it, then go to your list and see what happens.


If it does the job, then you'd need an Exit Record Step to be added to your New Record script or anyother script that leads to this list.

Start by exiting the field "ID" prior to using the list.

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